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Auto parts for cars, buses and special equipment

Welcome to the Gazone.com.ua marketplace. We have been working on the market of auto parts for 20 years. This experience allowed us to create a place where everyone could acquire any part needed.

Our trading floor is made to prevent sellers and resellers from making and promoting their own sites. New reliable and real business partners are just in a few clicks away.

How marketplace can help your business?

Cooperation with us is:

  • Promotion of the product on the Ukrainian market by the information and product placement on our marketplace.
  • Instant and invaluable help and support on the issues of Ukrainian market caused by national and cultural specificities.
  • Trades and deals escort, including communication and logistics support.
  • Warehouses providing and any retail sales administration.

Experienced Marketplace specialists are instantly ready to consult you about any buying/selling unclear question.

Our advantages

  • Over 20 years on the Ukrainian market.
  • High professional level of employees.
  • Knowledge of all the specifics of the Ukrainian auto parts market.
  • Willingness to share all the experience with you.
  • Full interest in your success.

Product placement options on our marketplace

Product placement optionsBasicBasic+Standard Standard+Premium Premium+
Product placement packagesbuy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy now
Trial period/days71414142121
Cost per year$100$150$300$400$500$800
PDF catalog
Up to 5 pics for 1 product (max size 1000х1000 px)
Link to the seller site
Description about yourself (up to 100 words)
Contacts of the seller
Up to 100 products
Up to 300 products
Up to 1000 products
Up to 3000 products
Up to 5000 products
Up to 10000 products
Product placement packages buy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy nowbuy now
Buy a product placement packages BasicBasic+Standard Standard+Premium Premium+

Why is it beneficial to cooperate with us?

Working scheme on marketplaces is clear:

  • You place a product and information about your company and it becomes available for customers.
  • You can see all the appeals to your company through the personal area, including the number of sales. But also you can check on reviews and clients’ wishes.
  • We help you to set up the trading process and the process of payment receiving.

Our marketplace is definitely helping you to generate new partnership with wholesale and retail customers, tracking the best-selling spare parts and taking your business to the next level.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact us via the form below.

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